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World Bee Day Aims to Help Raise Awareness for the Nation’s Favourite Pollinators

world bee day
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To help raise awareness of the importance of bees, the threats they face, and their sustainable contribution to the world, the United Nations has dedicated an entire day to the adorable creature.

With the increasingly dangerous threat to bee, and other essential pollinator, populations, the UN is hoping to educate the world on just how important these tiny creatures are to the planet and highlight simple ways to help grow populations by designating 20 May – World Bee Day.

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world bee day


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Nearly 90 per cent of the world’s wild flowering, farm and agricultural crop land, and essential ecosystems, depend entirely on animal pollination to grow and feed the world.

To raise awareness of just how important bees and other pollinators are to the planet and human survival, World Bee Day aims to encourage everyone to look out for these important, endangered animals, and also highlight the incredible work currently being done to slow the declining populations.

For 2020, the World Bee day will be focusing on helping beekeepers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, showcasing good practices adopted to help battle through the testing period, and encourage everyone to do their part to slow the decline in bee and other pollinator populations.

To mark the day, the UN will be running a virtual event under the theme of “Bee Engaged” to highlight the importance of traditional methods while also providing information related to keeping bees safe and maintaining a healthy environment for them to survive.

The virtual event will also highlight products that use bee-based ingredients and offer guidance on their importance in supporting bee populations.

To join the virtual Be Engaged event visit the United Nations online.

For more information on World Bee Day visit the United Nations online.

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