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The Barcelona Opera House Reopened With a Concert Just For Plants

barcelona plant opera
© El Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

As businesses slowly begin to reopen following the Coronavirus outbreak, Bareclona’s El Liceu Opera House opened its doors to a different clientele when it was given the green light to return to business – plants.

The Spanish opera house announced their reopening with a concert for the Biocene – which saw a string quartet perform to thousands of plants to highlight the composers re-connection with nature during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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barcelona plant opera

El Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

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During the cornavirus lockdown people were forced to focus on the simpler things in life, with most embracing the natural world, including indoor and outdoor greenery, plants, succulents and other leafy decoration.

Homes began to be filled up with plants of all kinds as people aimed to clean up their lives and reconnect with nature.

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barcelona plant opera

El Liceu Opera House, Barcelona

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The concert for the biocene was created by artist Eugenio Ampudia in collaboration with the Max Estrella gallery.

The inspiration was Ampudia’s renewed focus on the nature surrounding him while he was on lockdown. The composer witnessed birds singing, plants in his garden growing, and how relaxing nature can be in times of strife and stress.

He wanted to highlight the importance of nature, and how it needs to be celebrated more. So he created a concerted and invited only plants to the performance.

Once the concert was finished, all of the plants were collected and delivered to over two thousand health professionals, specifically from the Clinc de Barcelona hospital. Each plant also included a certificate from the artists who performed in the show.

To watch the Barcelona plant opera visit the El Liceu Opera House Youtube channel.

For more information on the Barcelona plant opera visit El Liceu Opera House online.

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