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Rediscover The Joy Of Cooking With this Innovative Cookware Company

equal parts kitchen collection
© Equal Parts

The kitchen is traditionally where the heart is, so to help make sure it is full of happiness and yumminess embrace the cookware revolution.

Equal Parts are an online cookware company focusing on the activities that mean the most to people in their homes – eating and cooking – and have designed a unique kitchenware range dedicated to celebrating that fun activity.

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equal parts kitchen collection

Equal Parts

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Cooking and eating is both rewarding and highly enjoyable.

It is an activity that fills the home full of love, happiness and fun. Cooking, organising and caring for each other is seen as an opportunity to create more enjoyment and prevent stress.

Equal Parts have created a range of utensils with the sole purpose of enhancing those activities and making sure people get the most out of them, with the people that mean the most to them.

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equal parts kitchen collection

Equal Parts

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Each item in the range has been beautifully crafted for control and comfort.

The dishes, pots, pans and accessories have all been made to last. They are durable and use responsibly sourced, sustainable materials – with the utensils BPH free – to help them withstand the toughest of kitchens and chefs.

The pots and pans are non-stick and are made using non-tonix ceramics. The knives are made from high-performance German steel, while serving boards are crafted from premium, solid oak.

To view the entire Equal Parts kitchen collection visit Equal Parts online.

Prices for the Equal Parts kitchen collection start at £19 for silicone utensils, £25 for a baking try, £45 for mixing bowls, and go up to £249 for a pots and pans set or £449 for a complete kitchen set. To order visit Equal Parts online.

For more information on the Equal Parts kitchen collection visit Equal parts online.

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