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This Rural Office Hideaway Is Filled With Hidden Rooms and Spaces

harrison design writers refuge
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As more and more people continue to work from instead of traditional office spaces, one architecture firm devised a unique home working space, complete with an all-natural aesthetic and hidden spaces.

Architects Harrison Design created a studio space for screenwriter Matthew Michael Carnahan’s at his home in Virginia, featuring an abundance of secret spaces that help to provide a hideaway packed with creativity and mystic.

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harrison design writers refuge

Harrison Design

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As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to ravage the world, those who can have been working from home in accordance to the lockdown and social distancing protocols.

The vast majority of these home working spaces are make-shift, uncomfortable and often not conducive to creativity.

Matthew Michael Carnahan and Harrison Design are reinventing the home working space, showcasing what can be achieved if you have the space, time and money to build your very own perfect office environment.

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The father of three was previously working from his basement and was in search of a quiet place to work on projects.

Enter Harrison Design who created a space in the back of his garden.

The studio is 400-square feet and has a predominately glass front facade, with sustainable timber fitting, which can be opened up to let the space fully embrace nature.

The interior is all open plan, and fits a desk and sitting area comfortably. There are floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, which is where the unique magic happens in this design project.

The shelves can slide open to reveal a concealed bathroom and storage room, along with a well-equipped mini bar.

The design aims to offer a unique creative space that fuses both nature and work life. Traditional office spaces tend to focus more on bland, neutral colour tones and lack mother natures eco-touch. This space is non-traditional and perfect for those in search of something better than the kitchen table, spare room, basement or another uncomfortable setting.

To view the entire the Harrison Design writers refuge visit Harrison Design online.

For more information on the Harrison Design writers refuge visit Harrison Design online.

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