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IKEA Reveal They’re Hosting Two Special Sleepovers In Their Stores For World Sleep Day

ikea world sleep day

To honour World Sleep Day, IKEA announced they will be allowing a select group of people to enjoy a sleepover in two of their stores later this year.

The flatpack furniture kings are opening their doors to a special group of IKEA Family members for an evening that’ll include immersive sleep-themed activities, plus all the fun of relaxing inside those room designs you’ve longed to experience.

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ikea world sleep day


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The World Sleep Day event will include an insomniac lounge featuring ASMR experiences, a silent disco, sleep workshops and a host of other activities centered around the joy of a getting good night sleep.

The selected sleepers will also be allowed to bring a guest to enjoy the experience.

For those who are not lucky enough to win a night in the store, there will still be a chance to take part in various in-store, sleep-themed events from 22 February.

World Sleep Day is a sleep-themed day hosted globally on 13 March.

To enter the draw for a night under the stars in an IKEA store visit IKEA online. Winners being contacted on 24 February.

For more information on the IKEA world sleep day event visit IKEA online.