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London Could Soon Become a Cycling and Pedestrian First City Thanks to New Green Measures

london cycling and pedestrian
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In an effort to get London moving again amid the Covid-19 pandemic, new space for bicycles and pedestrians could soon be created, which could permanently transform the capital into a green – first city.

New proposals by London mayor Sadiq Khan include an increase in the number of cycle lanes, wider pavements, and a reduction of speed limits in neighbourhoods, in an effort to loosen the pressure on public transport and cars, and make travelling in the city safer.

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london cycling and pedestrian


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The environmentally friendly measures are in conjunction with a collection of other major European cities to encourage populations to return to the city, while still being able to maintain Coronavirus social distancing and health rules.

As part of the new plan for the city, temporary cycle lanes will be added to Euston Road and possibly Park Lane. Existing cycle lanes will be given an upgrade to ensure they physically separate cyclists from traffic, and pavements will be made wider in 20 locations.

With the roads already quieter due to the lockdown restrictions, cycling has become the easiest and safest way to travel, according to new research.

The UK has already seen a cycling boom, with Britons boosting bicycle sales for Brompton, the UK’s largest bike manufacturer, by as much as 50,000 in 2020 alone.

Cycle repair shops have also seen a boost in business as people look to improve their bikes, repair broken ones or accessorise.

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