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A New Kind Of Urban Farm Is Taking Over Fruit and Veg Delivery

mini crops urban farm
© Mini Crops

An urban farm in the heart of London is helping to turn the farm industry on its head with unique and sustainable methods that produce restaurant quality vegetables and herbs right to your door.

Mini Crops are a London-based urban farm supplying fresh fruit and vegetable produce to homes, which have been farmed using sustainable methods and a vertical growing system that produces less water and uses no soil, pesticides or herbicides.

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mini crops urban farm

Mini Crops

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Mini Crops do not use soil in their growing processes or require any specific weather conditions, meaning they can grow their crops year-round, independent of seasonality.

Grown in a controlled environment, the crops are all optimised and reliably reproduced to maintain quality and flavour.

Mini Crops offer everything from edible flowers, microgreens, which includes boxes with eight or sixteen varieties of fresh herbs and microgreens from parsley, tarragon, pea shoots, pak choi and a host of others delivered weekly.

There are also sampling trays available for those unsure of what they might need, which includes 16 samples of microgreens, microherbs, and leaft greens.

All crops are harvested on the same day as delivery to customers and usually, within six hours. Deliveries are also made via an electric van, further minimising the impact of the delivery on the environment.

Prices for the Mini Crops collection range from £24.99 for a 16 set sampling tray, £54.99 for a microgreen and microherb box, and £3.90 for a box of edible viola flowers. All are available from Mini Crops online.

To view the entire Mini Crops urban farm collection visit Mini Crops online.

For more information on the Mini Crop and their farming methods visit Mini Crops online.

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