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PUMA Launch a Completely Biodegradable Fitness Collection for Greater Sustainability

puma biodegradable range
© Puma, Living Colour & Streamateria

To help make working out a positive, environmentally friendly exercise, Puma have unveiled they are working on a all-new biodegradable fitness range.

As the world becomes focused on living with a green outlook, embracing sustainability, and conscious of the impact harmful materials has on the environment, Puma have teamed up with a pair of eco-friendly brands to create a 100 per cent biodegradable fitness and workout range.

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puma biodegradable range

Puma, Living Colour & Streamateria

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The German sportwear giant understands they have a responsibility to not only creating new products with protecting the environment at its core, they also need to change how they create these products as well.

To address this cycle change, Puma have teamed up with a Dutch project Living Colour and the Swedish design firm Streamateria.

Together the trio have created a unique range of fitness and athleisure wear that utilises technology from all three companies to produce a 100 per cent sustainable and biodegradable collection that generates zero waste.

That technology includes the use of bacteria in the dying of the clothing processes, developed by Living Colour, and an innovative biodegradable material created by Streamateria, helping to close manufacturing loops and reduce harmful waste.

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The collection is titled “Design to Fade”, with each piece made in closed loop cycles, meaning they can be manufactured locally and on short notice.

Design to Fade is Puma’s third biodesign project since 2016, as the company looks to find new ways to reduce their impact on the environment and become completely sustainable.

The green-focused range will include everything from breathable shoes, fitness wear, socks and workout accessories.

To view the entire Puma biodegradable range visit Puma online.

For more information on the Puma biodegradable range visit Puma, Living Colour or Streamateria online.

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