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This New App Prevents Plants from Going to Waste and Donates to the NHS

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A new app is urging the public to ‘give old plants new life’ and join the fight to help prevent the collapse of the gardening industry.

With major garden centres now closed and the demand for buying plants online set to skyrocket, SmartPlant has set up site that allows plant lovers to buy bundles of plants that would otherwise be composted.

10 per cent of every purchase will go to the NHS as part of its COVID-19 #greenrelief campaign.


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The enterprising company has also partnered with Blooming Heroes, a collective of concerned florists and plants people.

The duo will come together to raise funds for the National Emergencies Trust and the NHS Combined Charities Covid-19 through a range of wonderful initiatives, launching April 22.


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SmartPlant founder George Williams said, “The response to our first week has been unbelievable.”

“We’re selling hundreds of plants a day and our growers are ecstatic. We have already donated thousands to the NHS and hopefully greened up a few thumbs.”

Williams pointed out that gardening is hugely therapeutic during this time of high stress and anxiety for people who are now having to spend a disproportionate amount of time indoors.

This increased interest in gardening has also been mirrored in the demand spike seen by online seed suppliers.

“It’s a win-win situation,” added Williams, “Our growers stand a better chance of financial survival for every plant we manage to sell, it also gives them and the rest of the country some hope for the future. What we effectively want is for people to enjoy plants in the name of British Business and Our NHS.”

SmartPlant is the only plant care app that connects users with real experts and makes plant care simple for plant owners of all ages and abilities.

With over 600k downloads the app makes plant care simple through automated care reminders, plant identification and a simple and accessible library of over 20,000 plants.

Every plant sold comes with the full suite of digital care from the SmartPlant app.

The online system for buying plants has been set up in record breaking time and includes free delivery.

The SmartPlant app is available for free and can be downloaded via the App store.