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Explore This Stunning Treehouse and See Its Unbelievable Sustainable Features

sustainable treehouse centre
© Mithun

To Help promote and highlight the importance of protecting the environment, one design firm has created a sustainable treehouse centre that turns learning about green living into an exotic adventure.

Seattle-based architecture firm Mithum have spearheaded the development of a treehouse learning centre on top of a coal mine, which features locally made prefabricated steel structures, housing, a wind turbine and a rainwater catchment system.

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sustainable treehouse centre


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The visually impression sustainable hideaway is called “the Summit Bechtel Reserve” and it is located in West Virginia, USA.

It uses a 166-ton steel mega-structure to support the 125-foot educational building.

Mithun designed the entire treehouse so that it would have minimal impact on the land and surrounding ecosystem.

It uses a mixture of regionally sourced materials, including steel and black locust wood, to help maintain its sustainable footprint.

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sustainable treehouse centre


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During the initial design process, the firm considered prefabricating the entire structure then transporting it to its new home. However, using cranes and other heavy machinery to carry out this mission was deemed to harmful to the forest and surrounding environment, so, instead, they used a combination of prefabricated structures and on-site construction – minimising their impact on the land.

The overall mission of the innovative structure is to teach and submerge visitors into green living, sustainability, the environment and global warming.

It encompasses everything from displays about water conservation, energy generating and use, recycling, biodiversity and a host of other green-focused initiatives.

Visitors to the stunning treehouse use an outdoor staircase that leads from the forest floor to the 125-foot high rooftop – situated above the leaf canopy of the forest.

At the summit of the sustainable treehouse centre, there’s a 4,000 – watt wind turbine and a 6,500 – watt photovoltaic station capable of providing lessons about renewable energy.

The Tippy Cup Rain Chain teaches visitors about water conservation, while there are a host of educational hubs focused on the local ecosystem.

To view the entire sustainable treehouse centre visit Mithun online.

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