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This Pet Collection is Perfect For Pooches Who Love Mud, Water and Action

3 peaks dog collection

With the outdoor adventure weather finally here, that signals the walking season and to make sure your pooches are well prepared for those long jaunts in the countryside this collection could be ideal.

Pets at Home have revealed a new all-weather range of doggy-friendly products perfect for the entire family to enjoy those long walks with the pooch and the entire outdoors season.

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3 peaks dog accessories

Pets at Home

Everyone knows how long walks with the the family and dogs typically end up covered in mud and water. And where does all that outdoor mess end up? Covering the back seats of your car or all over your walls and carpets at home.

This new collection from Pets at Home will help make sure your pooches are well protected from the elements, and your car and home avoids becoming a complete muddy, wet catastrophe.

The 3 Peaks dog collection features waterproof bedding, toys including balls and chews, harnesses, collars and leads, plus a host of jackets and travel accessories.

The collection ranges from £45 for bedding items, £28 for Car rear and boot covers, to £5 for toys.

For more information on the 3 peaks dog collection visit Pets at Home online.

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