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Aldi Has Launched a Stylish Pet Collection at An Affordable Price

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There’s no doubt that luxury pet accessories are on the rise with many of us choosing to upgrade our pet’s bed to match the quality of our own home.

If you love the trend but don’t fancy shelling out the cash, however, Aldi is on hand with a few style dupes….

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Leading the pack is a selection of chic pet beds that wouldn’t look out of place in a more expensive store.

The chevron style of pattern has been seen across quite a few high-end retailers, typically appearing as a luxurious style of sofa that costs around £50.

If you’d prefer to get the look for less, however, Aldi is selling the on-trend look for under £20…

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Get the look for less… Right: Chevron Dog Mattress, £20, Aldi

Cats too can get on style with the supermarket’s glorious range of cat caves for under £10.

A luxury version could cost you hundreds of pounds, but if you’re content with this furry hideaway, you’ve saved yourself dosh and kept your BFF in life feline happy.

It even transforms into a cat bed.

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aldi pet products 2019


The range has of course been designed for both cats and dogs and includes everything from toys to feeding equipment.

You’re sure to charmed by the bright and colourful feeding mats which come shaped as fish and bones, naturally.

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aldi pet products 2019


Plus, don’t forget to pick up a pet towel, shower resistant dog coat, grooming glove, food and harnesses, amongst other things, for the ultimate budget-friendly pet care haul!

The Aldi pet collection is out now in-store and online, while stocks last.