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Arlo Skye have Created a Range of Luxurious Airline Approved Pet Carriers

arlo skye pet carrier

When it comes to traveling with your pets, you want to make sure they’re as comfortable as you are, this award-winning range will aims to guarantee your precious pooches are always flying first class.

Arlo Skye have brought their award-winning travel designs to the world of pets with the launch of their new airline pet carrier, which couldn’t be more perfect for precious pooches who like to travel.

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arlo skye pet carrier

Arlo Skye

Known for their elegant travel accessories, Arlo Skye have transferred that award-winning style to pet carriers.

The airline-approved pet case features a poly-mesh outer fabric, which allows your furry friends 360-degrees of views and ventilation.

Inside the case there’s a removable and washable dual-layer memory foam mattress to make sure your pooch is always comfy while travelling.

When the travelling has finished, the carrier can be folded flat and packed away until it is needed again.

If that wasn’t enough, Arlo Skye are donating 10% from the sales of its carrier case to Animal Haven.

The pet carrier is priced at £200, with additional delivery charges, and is available from Arlo Skye online.

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