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Make Sure Your Pets Are Extra Cosy this Winter With an Adorable Banana Bed

The chilly weather is on its way, so to make sure your furry friends have a cosy hideaway keep warm in these banana beds could be purrrfect.

The unbelievably cute beds have been designed to give your precious pets the ultimate relaxing and comfortable space they can call their own, that’ll also guarantee to keep them snug and safe from all of those wintry chills.

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The adorable banana pet bed features a fabulous semi-peelable banana peel hood that helps your pets sneak in and out of, while still allowing them some cosy privacy when they want it.

The bed is lined with a soft-elastic sponge material, helping to create a feeling of safety and a deep sleeping environment you’ll struggle to get them out of.

The cute pet beds are machine washable and come in four sizes, perfect for small dogs, puppies, kittens and adult cats.

The Banana pet beds are priced at £9.99, and are available to buy at Amazon online.

For more information on the Banana pet bed visit Amazon online.

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