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8 Best Dog Spas and Grooming Salons to Treat Your Furry Friend To

© Abbie Love / Unsplash

We all need a little pampering from time to time which is why taking your furry friend along to a dog spa could be the special treat they deserve.

The concept may sound a little radical. However, the idea is actually the next best step in pet care.

After all, nail clippings, dog grooming and coat shampooing are part of any pet’s regular upkeep, why not combine it with one of these luxury experiences?

The Pet Spa – London

dog spa

The Pet Spa

If you’re looking for a dog spa that also happens to cater for almost every kind of creature, you might have just found your match.

The Pet Spa in Chelsea, London, will pamper dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters or even tortoises!

The 3,000-square-foot pet pampering heaven offers an exclusive selection of bespoke pet grooming services and indulgent spa treatments.

Best spa treatments available:  Wide range of John Paul Pet Treatments.

Visit The Pet Spa, Chelsea.

the DOG SPA – Caerphilly

The Dog Spa

Every spa needs a gym and, in the case of The Dog Spa, it’s hydrotherapy facilities. As well as offering a variety of grooming treatments, this wellness centre for dogs also has an indoor jet swimming pool and aquatic treadmill to help elderly canines with joint problems.

Best spa treatments available:  Hand-Stripping, Aquatic Treadmill

Visit The Dog Spa.

Dogwood GROOMING – various locations, UK


If you strongly believe in providing only natural products for your pooch, then consider a trip to Dogwood, a grooming parlour and spa experience which focuses only on natural products.

The spa uses unique body mists that’ll get your canine’s coat shining in no time at all!

Best spa treatments available: Blueberry Facial, Mini Makeover Package.

Visit Dogwood Grooming.

POOCH DOG SPA – hampshire

Pooch Dog Spa

Pooch offers so many unique spa treatments that you might forget it isn’t for humans. From therapeutic mud treatments to an ozone spa bath, the spa is dedicated to delivering grooming, spa and body treatments for canine clients in a spacious and relaxed environment.

Best spa treatments available:  Facial, Therapeutic Mud Treatments, Spa Day Experience.

Visit Pooch Dog Spa.

Sniffles Spa – Hampstead

Sniffles Spa

Sniffles has everything your pooch could possibly want – and not just spa treatments. In addition to its dog grooming services, there’s also dog walking and even doggie day care.

Indulge your friend with a mud treatment or choose from the variety of essential treatments at a great price point.

Best spa treatments available:  Facial Scrub, Mud Treatments.

Visit Sniffles Dog Spa.

Orchard Dog Spa

Orchard Dog Spa / Facebook

There’s luxury spa treatments… and there’s Orchard Dog Spa who offer a astonishing variety of treatments any human would want.

From Himalayan sea salts to bubble massages, it’s hard to believe that this sanctuary – set in five acres of the beautiful Kent countryside – actually caters for pooches instead.

Best spa treatments available:  Ozone Jacuzzi Spa Bath,  Luxury Pawdicure, Mineral Mud Treatment.

Visit Orchard Dog Spa.

Jollyes Spa and grooming service, various locations


If you fancy pampering your pet whilst picking up the essentials, you can’t go wrong with Jollyes’ spa and grooming service.

There’s a variety of packages available with themed packs ranging from ‘puppies’ to ‘bath & brush.’

Best spa treatments available:  Gold / Platinum / Bath & Brush Premium

Visit JollyEs Spa and Grooming Services.

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