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B&M Is Selling Shark Dog Raincoats For Under £5

© Peter Hersher / Unsplash

If your household just can’t get enough of Baby Shark, then take delight in knowing you can dress your pooch up as the character with this brilliant dog raincoat.

B&M have launched their very own take on the Baby Shark dog outfit, and it’s truly inspired.


Calling the outfit “Puppy Shark,”  this budget take on the trend is a play on the hit Youtube series that has parent’s everywhere either dancing in joy or despairing in the corner.

Although the makers of Baby Shark have since revealed other product lines, the brand has (so far) not officially moved in to pet accessories.

However, that hasn’t stopped the trend for Baby Shark dog coats creeping over the internet.

You can also buy a “Baby Shark” style dog coat for between £15-£16

Featuring a bold blue design with a shark hood, what’s particularly genius is that this take not only looks the part, but it protects your dog from the elements.

Any sudden downpours of rain can be quickly dealt with, preventing a wet dog from trailing through your house and causing chaos with your clean furniture.

Plus, there’s always a few other colourful designs  – a duck and frog – if you’d rather opt for a different raincoat.

B&M, £3

Each design comes in three different sizes – x-small, small, and medium – to fit a wide variety of breeds.

Of course, the design is sure to raise a smile but, as with any dog outfit, it’s important to consider your pet’s comfort.

The jacket is made from light and versatile material that will ensure your dog feels both comfortable and snug on long walks.

The retailer also advises that you examine clothing frequently for signs of wear and tear and supervise your pets when wearing clothing accessories.

Let the theme tune singing commence!

Dog raincoats are £3 each from B&M featuring shark, frog and duck designs. 

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