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This Bunny Home Is So Extravagant Humans Would Want to Stay In It

Pet owners are known to go to all sorts of extends to please their furry friends whether that’s getting them hats for Christmas or knitting actual jumpers for them.

This rabbit owner however has given new meaning to the concept “treat your pet” with this gorgeous looking bunny home.

Emma Phillips has built her rescued bunnies what looks like an extravagant and luxurious 5* rabbit accommodation that any other pet would be jealous of.

The bunnies have everything they could possibly need, from play tunnels to hideouts that look like castles.

Henry and Moo Moo are rescue bunnies and they even have an Instagram account documenting various parts of their pet lives.

Follow them around while Emma changes their layout and re-decorates their home, or while they dread Mondays just like the rest of us…

Henry and Moo Moo have been Emma’s pet companions for 3.5 and 1.5 years respectively and they seem happy as ever in their shiny fort, after all who wouldn’t be?

Hopefully these photos of this fantastic rabbit home set up will help to inspire other bunny parents.

There are various other ways to provide housing for your bunnies both internally and externally of your home.

For more tips head over to best4bunny.com as there is plenty of information on relative bunny care.

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