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This Cactus Cat Tree Scratching Post Is Everything Your Feline Needs in Life

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Southwestern style has really been top of the style stakes when it comes to this year’s home trends, but why not complete the look by adding a cactus cat tree?

This genius addition to your cat’s personal playground is shaped exactly like the desert icon, adding an inventive twist to a traditional cat tree.

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Your favourite fluffball can enjoy resting, playing and scratching their claws on it, while you have to admit it looks pretty stylish too.

Fortunately, there’s no prickly parts; this is officially a cactus tower designed exclusively for cats so expect feline-friendly scratchable material.

It even comes in a multitude of colours so your cat can really be extra.

Why choose a standard green cactus when you can go black?

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Both the cactus itself, plus the pretty flowers that rest on it, are available for customisation making for the ultimate designer cat tree.

Plus, added bonus, you’ll be saving your actual real life cacti from destruction.

If you just need to get your paws on one, you can do by visiting Etsy seller RiverNCats on their official shop.

It costs around £236, which includes the customisation, and there is a delivery cost from Austria at around £31.

Purrhaps not the most purse friendly addition to your pet’s play box but quite possibly the greatest!

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