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Flat-Pack Recyclable Dog Beds Could be the Next Frontier

© Rocky Brooks / Northumbria University

If you’ve ever bought a fancy pet bed only to have your furry friend dismiss it in favour of the nearest old box, turns out they might just have the right idea.

Cardboard dog beds might just be the new frontier – at least in rescue centres at least.

The idea has been devised by graduate Rocky Brooks from Northumbria University who designed the disposable and fully recyclable flat-pack bed as an alternative to plastics.

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Rocky Brooks / Northumbria University

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Plastic dog beds are currently used in rescue centres, requiring regular cleaning or prone to damage so need to be regularly disposed of.

This new novel idea, called ‘Dog Goes Here’, however, is said to cost five times less than a regular plastic bed, as well as offering environmental benefits.

It’s also easy assembled in three simple steps.

Cut, pre-folded and printed from a single piece of recycled cardboard, there’s also  a fully recycled paper sleeve that is removed and disposed of before assembly.

You then unfold the bed net into shape, before bedding is added and labelled with the dog’s name.

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Rocky Brooks / Northumbria University

Much like an IKEA invention, the flat-pack nature of the product means it’s easy to store away, while three different sizes ensure that all animals have the perfect place to sleep.

The bed can then be recycled if it gets damaged, or once a new home has been found for its occupant.

Although the idea was created with pet centres in mind, eco-friendly pet owners may also adore the thought of embracing a sustainable and cost-effective solution to pet beds – especially when it comes to cleaning!

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