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Scientists Have Revealed a Potential Cure for Those Who Suffer from Cat Allergies

Cat allergies in humans could soon be a thing of the past after research has revealed a possible revolutionary new cure.

Animal allergies are very common in humans and can range from being simple runny noses to full-on medical emergencies when around furry critters, but a team of researches have revealed a possible solution to all those potential health disasters – a safe allergy vaccine for your feline friends.

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cat allergy vaccine study


Allergies to pets is one of the leading causes of pet abandonment around the world. Finding a solution could help saves millions of cats, and other pets, from becoming homeless or abandoned.

Unlike typical prescription medical solutions for sufferers of pet allergies, this new game changing vaccine is not for humans, it is for cats.

The revolutionary vaccine targets a particular protein in cat saliva, transforming it from being potentially harmful into one that has no impact at all – opening up a world of feline opportunities.

The researchers, who are conducting the cat allergy vaccine study for HypoPet, have successfully tested the vaccine on 54 cats over four different studies and hope to expand trials soon.

Don’t worry, during the study none of the cats tested had any adverse reactions to the new vaccine.

For more information on the cat allergy vaccine study visit HypoPet online.

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