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Your Cat Needs Its Very Own Christmas Tree

© Jeffrey Buchbinder / Unsplash

If your feline friend has made short work of your Christmas tree this year, a solution could be at hand.

Of course, you could go for a half Christmas tree that’ll stop pesky moggies climbing up and attacking each and every bauble and branch but why be without the glory of a stunning Christmas tree in your home?

Get your own has never seemed more relevant; this cat Christmas tree will provide somewhere else for your cats to get their claws into instead.

£14.88, Amazon

Designed without a Christmas tree’s usual greenery, it’s the perfect place to put naughty cats.

Don’t feel too sorry for them, however.

This tower tree is not only brilliant for scratching, sleeping and exercising, it features three hanging toys to save your baubles from destruction.

A Christmas snowflake, tree and festive boxing glove will provide more than enough entertainment for your moggie.

It even comes with a faux fleece base for your furry friend to snooze on and a decorative base that’ll add the festive touch to your home.

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