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Your Cat Will Love This New Head Massager

We all know the benefits of getting a massage as humans, so why don’t we also treat our furry friends to an incredibly relaxing and stress busting experience too?

The benefits of a massage are not hard to explain, aside from relaxing and calming our senses, massages can also help lower blood pressure, improve circulation, soothe sore joints, and many more health benefits.

Now your pets can enjoy a similar experience too courtesy of Catit Senses who have created the Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Centre, which is supposed to replicate the process of a massage – but for cats.

How it works

Turns out, the enjoyable benefits of having a massage aren’t exclusive to humans, they are amazing for cats as well.

The Catit Senses range was designed to appeal to a cat’s unique senses: seeing, hearing, tastes, smells, and touch in a truly special way.

The Wellness Centre is an all round grooming and relaxation station for cats of all ages.

It features different panels with various textures specifically designed to massage areas of a cat’s body; their head, neck, face and body.

The durable brushes help groom your cat and collect loose and shedding hair. The broad green padded cushion is secured by velcro strips and is perfect for a lie down or a nap.

The top massaging fixture can even be loaded with catnip for extra sensory fun.

The enter kit can be washed easily and can be used as an enter center or as individual pieces.

The wellness centre is priced at £25 and is available at Lords and Labradors online.

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