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Your Cat Can Now Enjoy a Luxurious Outdoor Apartment with 2 Floors

If your moggy likes the finer things in life, then why not spoil them with their very own outdoor apartment?

Whether it’s a stunning penthouse complete with several floors or a one with its very own balconette, this idea will make you wonder why houses are usually only for dogs.

This stylish idea isn’t all about the luxury, however, it actually serves a pretty practical purpose.

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Amazon, £89.99

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A kitty maisonette is purrfect for protecting your feline from hot and cold elements.

On hot days, your pet can take pleasure in lazing around on their shaded balcony, which is of course accessible by their very own staircase.

Then, there’s the overhang roof which protects pets against the cold and sun, while the hidey hole cat flap will give your moggy some necessary privacy.

You can either place one of these on your patio or garden, where it’s sure to take pride of place on the grass.

Plus, if your cat’s a real swanky character, you can always upgrade them to the penthouse too in a fetching blue colour.

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Amazon, £94.98

Now they’ll really feel like the king or queen of the household!

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