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Your Pets will Never Feel Trapped Again in these Amazing See-Through Pens

clearly loved pets pen

Pet owners will know first hand just how unreliable and uncomfortable cages, pens and crates can look and feel.

Clearly Loved Pets wants turn that reputation around with a range of friendly, inclusive, and pawfectly comfortable looking see-through pens, that’ll slip seamlessly into every home environment.

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clearly loved pets pen

Clearly Loved Pets

No one enjoys caging up their pets at night, or when they have to leave their furry friends alone when they’re out during the day. It’s emotionally testing, often making you feel like you’ve sentenced them to a jail term.

Clearly Love Pets is here to help you avoid feeling like a harsh prison officer.

The innovative pens come in a variety of sizes, perfect for pets of all shapes.

There are the cute baby sized ones for young pets, rabbits, and cats.

A medium size for small dogs and older cats, and a large version that’s been built to hold bigger animals, those who might be prone to causing some level of home destruction when you leave them alone for too long.

clearly loved pets pen

Clearly Loved Pets

And, if you thought your pets were the only ones who could use these pens, you’d be wrong. You could potentially use them as cots for young children.

All pens come in a choice of silver, gunmetal, blue, pink, and green colourways.

Prices for the clearly loved pets pen collection range from £350 for the small size, £400 for the medium, and £500 for the largest version. To buy visit Clearly Loved Pets online.

To view the complete Clearly Loved Pets pen collection visit Clearly Loved Pets online.

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