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This Cooling Bowl Will Keep Your Pooches Water Chilled on Those Long Summer Days

cooling pet bowl

Keeping your drinks nice and chilled on a hot day is as simple as popping some ice in it, what about your pets? How do they avoid that unrefreshing warm water?

The Cool Pup Pet Bowl is just the solution for making sure your pets always have a refreshingly cool slip of water to go to on those sweaty summer days, and there are no wires or batteries needed.

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cooling pet bowl

Cool Pup Pet Bowl

No matter if your pets love running about and embracing the great outdoors or like to basking in the summer heat, they all need cool water to prevent dehydration and other overheating health issues.

This very sleek and stylish bowl comes in two pieces, a traditional clear bottomed bowl and a blue insert. The insert is the key to keeping your pups water icey cold.

The bowl insert is filled with a gel material that, when kept in the freezer for a couple of hours, chills and can be brought out and filled with water.

The gel will maintain a frozen core for an entire day, which means your pets will be able to enjoy a deliciously refreshing chilled bowl of water no matter the temperature.

At the end of the day all you need to do is clean the bowl and pop it back in the freezer overnight to make sure it is ready for another summers day.

The Cooling pet bowl is priced at £9.66 and available to buy online at Amazon.

For more information on the Cooling Pet Bowl visit Amazon online.

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