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You Can Now Design a Personalised Pet Collar That’ll Help Your Furry Friends Stand-Out

Are you or, more importantly, your pets fed up with the options when it comes to pet collar designs? Are they a bit too bland? Then, why not create your very own.

Maxim Customs have created a DIY pet collar kit which might be the pawfect way to scratch your creative itch and give your furry friend a wonderfully unique collar.

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diy pet collar kit

Maxim Customs

Each kit contains a hand crafted, vegetable tanned leather collar, with a robust brass buckle and fittings, plus a leather collar name tag for all your pets important information.

The paints are all professional quality non-toxic leather suitable, and have been treated to make sure your designs can withstand weather and pet wear and tear.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s an alternative deluxe collar kit, which includes a handcrafted bracelet for owners that can be designed to match your pets collar so you and our furry friends are always looking on point.

The standard pet collar kit is priced at £40 while the deluxe version is £50, both are available at Maxim Customs online.

For more information on the DIY pet collar kit visit Maxim Customs online.

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