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A Pet Bakery is Selling Princess Birthday Cakes For Your Pooch

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We all love to spoil our pets and special occasions provide the ideal opportunity to go all out.

If it’s not marking our pet’s special moments with milestone cards, then consider this magical addition to your dog’s birthday: a magnificent pink princess cake.

Created by Twinkys Pet Bakery in London, this incredible ‘pupcake’ would be ideal for the perfect pooch party.

Featuring all-natural ingredients, these delicious cakes are made to order and are freshly baked.

Each comes in a variety of sizes, from little cupcakes to a large 5″.

Twinkys Pet Bakery

The cakes are sponge type, without filling inside, but with full (fairly extravagant!) icing on the outside.

It even comes with little doggy treat bones and a beautiful ribbon you can select the colour of.

Plus, you can customise the cake by entering your doggie’s name and age. Not to mention the glorious custom made cake topper made specifically for your dog.

As well as birthdays, you can also send it as a gift for any pet lovers… with a free gift message.

Best of all, however, is that your pooch can consume at least some of the cake. The icing contains pet friendly natural food colouring. 


Dog Birthday Cakes are available from Twinkys Pet Bakery, priced at £8.950 for a small, £10.70 for a fairy cupcake or £12.50 for large. 

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