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Your Dog Can Now Celebrate in Style With These Incredible Birthday Party Accessories

© Delaney Dawson / Unsplash

We all like to include our pooches in our human celebrations but now you can really do it in style thanks to these brilliant dog birthday party hats and accessories.

No sniggering in the back: puppy parties have only been on the rise as a great way to get your canine socialising with other people and dogs so why shouldn’t they also be crowned star of the show?

Birthday cakes for dogs are now also emerging as a major trend in the doggy world, with one pet bakery in London producing princess-style birthday cakes complete with lashings of pink and a bone-themed collar.

Dog birthday cakes are rising in popularity.

This fun addition to the scene allows you to let your pet know its their birthday.

There’s a variety of pet accessories available that can be used for short term wear. You can even give it a theme.

If your pooch is the princess of your life, then consider this matching pink theme.

There’s a pink cone hat (complete with tiara illustration of course) with matching bandana neck scarf.

Etsy, £3.69

Alternatively, make your dog the prince of the party with the blue set, complete with simple ‘Happy birthday’ message, baby blue colouring and crown-style hat.

Etsy, £3.69

To get your paws on them, you can pick them over on Etsy now for a very purse-friendly £3.69.

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