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Dogs and Their Owners Can Enjoy A Delicious Brunch Together at This Fab Café

We’ve all heard about pet-friendly cafés that allow owners to enjoy their coffee and other delicacies while hanging out with their four-legged companions. But what if we told you your pet could also enjoy some goodies from the menu as well?

Paws for Coffee is a café that originated from a doggy day care called the “Sociable Canines” and after that became super popular the founders decided to create a café where dog walkers and owners could feel completely at home.

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Paws for Coffee is owned and run by dog lovers. One of their special doggy treats is a Puppuccino.

They also have a variety of dried chews on offer for all doggies’ tastes.

Apart from the diverse menu, Paws for Coffee also runs a variety of doggy events, from breed themed parties to talks and live music events.


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This unique coffee shop has two locations in the heart of London, one in Hampton Hill and East Sheen.

Enjoy your favourite latte or flat white while your pooch chews on their favourite treat – it’s a win-win for all.

The Paws for Coffee is open Monday to Sunday. For more information visit Paws for Coffee online. 

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