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Pet Dog Accidentally Runs Half Marathon on Toilet Break, Finishing 7th

© Pixabay

We all know that pooches love nothing more than a outdoors challenge. Whether it’s stealing the neighbour’s frisbee or catching that stick from a mile away, they’re on it.

One dog, however,  found internet fame after accidentally joining a half marathon when he was let out by his owner to pee.

The two-and-a-half year old Bloodhound, called Ludivine, crawled under the garden fence and ran towards the finishing line of a organised marathon.

The Elkmont Trackless Train Half Marathon takes place through the rolling hills of Elkmont, Alabama.

The course begins in downtown Elkmont and heads out into the country on the rolling rural roads.

Usually it’s ran by a group of dedicated runners, but on this occasion, the enterprising pooch cheekily beat his human chums to claim 7th place.

On his road to success, he even stopped at the two-mile point to sniff a dead rabbit and played with a herd of cows, but that didn’t stop him claiming his very own medal.

His tale has since inspired runners to join up to the race – and inspired a change of name in the running group.

The Elkmont Hound Dog Half, as it’s now called, even had a change of logo to commemorate the occasion.

If that isn’t fitness goals, then who knows what is?

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