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This Doggy Donut Will Get Porky Pooches Back on Track


If your canine friend has had one too many pies, then embrace one of the hottest pet trends of 2019 and opt for this creative dog fitness ball.

A full workout for any porky pooch, the premise is similar to the human equivalent.

Rather than having your dog fall off your fitness ball, however, this version has been specifically designed for canines.

A uniquely-shaped inflatable fitness ball designed by US dog fitness experts FitPAWS, its flattened base is said to offer more stability than other inflatables.


With your assistance, your dog can learn to stand, sit, lay, side step and perform other beneficial exercises.

It works by creating a subtle movement under your dog’s weight than then causes a shift in your dog’s centre of gravity.

As your dog attempts to maintain balance, it causes the muscles to engage and strengthen.

Best of all, it’s a brilliant way to exercise your pooch inside when it’s just too cold.

Much like a spot of dog yoga, you’ll never want to get fit without your canine again!

FitPAWS Donuts for Dog Fitness and Ability are available via Amazon for £78.38.

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