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A Vet Has Issued a Warning To Pet Owners After Rise of “Dog Flu”

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Be sure to keep an eye on your canine friend this winter. A vet from Derbyshire has issued a warning about an infection that is affecting dogs across the UK.

Over the last two weeks, Dr John Rosie, founder of Derbyshire-based vet clinic Vetcare@Home, has noticed a “higher than normal” number of gastroenteritis cases in dogs over the last two weeks.

A swelling of the stomach and intestines, the nasty infection can involve abdominal discomfort, pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Keep an eye on your dog this winter (Pixabay)

It’s often caused by eating spoiled or contaminated food that dogs can pick up outside on walks.

However, Dr Rosie has noticed a rise in cases, treating about five infected dogs per week, and said the virus was not as common during the rest of the year.

He told the Derby Telegraph: “We see a lot of people in their own home but there has been a higher number of cases although we don’t have the exact diagnosis of what the cause is yet.”

“The dogs seem to be responding to the treatment we are giving them.

“We mainly cover Belper but this is just a snapshot is what is going on in the wider area.”


Owners can discourage dogs from eating foreign objects while out on walks and keep an eye on what they try to eat.

The vet also recommends keeping on top of their pet’s hygiene to help prevent them from catching infections.

He said: “They should wash and disinfect their dog’s paws after going out walking in case they pick up anything on their feet.”

Pet owners should be their toes at all times and make sure their dogs aren’t digesting anything they shouldn’t.

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