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A Dog-Friendly Cinema Exists if You Fancy Cosying Up at the Movies Together

© Picturehouse

If you like nothing more than cosying up on the couch with your canine friend, then you’re going to love dog-friendly cinema from Picturehouse.

You and your pooch pal can snuggle up together at the movies without fretting you’ll be asked to leave.

The scheme was launched a year ago to great success and actually features across Picturehouses in the UK.

Every month or so, (well-behaved!) dogs and owners are welcome at a select film screening which usually takes place on Sunday morning.

The idea is that dog owners can enjoy the cinema without leaving their best friend at home, as well as being able to meet fellow dog-owning film fans.


Not sure if your pooch pal is going to be able to sit though the entirety of the film?

The good news is the cinema house has thought of everything.

In addition to snacks and water at the ready, Picturehouse also ensure all dogs sit on a blanketed seat to avoid any hairs or mess and the screen is thoroughly cleaned to make sure furry film fans leave no trace behind.

They’ve even considered a dog’s special hearing ability and dipped the volume lower than usual.

With conditions this comfortable, we  wouldn’t blame you if you decided to rock up in matching dog/human loungewear!

If you love the idea and want to find out more, head over the Picturehouse website, or sign up for the newsletter to ensure you and your dog don’t miss out.

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