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Barking Dogs Remain a Top Deterrent for Home Break-Ins

dog home security

With over 250,000 residential break-ins each year in the UK alone, more homeowners than ever are seeking solutions to keep burglars away and their homes safe.

Barking dogs have been named the second best home break-in deterrent, behind only CCTV, by former burglars who claim a dog’s bark can make particular homes a less likely target for them to break into.

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dog home security


Despite popular belief, a security dog doesn’t need to have an aggressive nature, they can be the most loving, caring and affectionate animals – perfect for families.

For those looking to introduce a dog, who love and protect a home, there are a number of attributes to look out for when picking a pooch.

To help with this decision, leading pet food manufacturer Webbox has used their innovative new tool Dog Breed Decider to identify the top 5 residential guard dog breeds families should consider.

The Dog Breed Decider reviews 29 potential owner attributes relating to family size, tolerance towards barking, their habitat and how much money they can dedicate to the dog.

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dog home security



The Akita’s alert, intelligent and courageous nature makes them good guard dogs, but their possessive tendencies mean they’re best suited to one-dog households with older children.

Bred to be a fiercely protective breed, Akitas are naturally wary of strangers and need to be socialised early to distinguish between a welcome visitor and intruder.


Firm and fearless, Bullmastiffs make the ideal family guardian.

Their large size means they need a big living area and plenty of room to exercise, making them unsuitable for apartment living.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans make steadfast and loyal companions for active families. They’re fearless in the face of danger and make excellent guard dogs, although they’re not aggressive.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds are courageous and obedient dogs that are highly valued for their intelligence, loyalty and focus. They make adoring companions for active families and have plenty of energy. They’re patient, attentive and faithful, bold but not aggressive.

dog home security


Great Dane

Great Danes make affectionate, loyal and trusting family companions those who can handle a large dog with plenty of energy.

Most Danes have a high predatory instinct and will chase cats, rabbits or other small animals if left unsupervised. These dogs are known to provide years of affectionate and loyal companionship.

To find out which four-legged friend is the perfect match for your individual needs, visit webbox online.

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