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A Photoshoot With Your Pet Pooch Is the Ultimate Way to Show Your Love

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If you have only one true love in your life – your faithful hound – then why not immortalise that relationship by taking part in a special dog photoshoot?

Whether it’s your birthday, Valentine’s Day or just a special shoot for the photo frames around your house, you can book a private photoshoot experience to capture the unique bond between you and your four legged friend.

Phodography‘s bespoke photography experience is uniquely tailored to each owner, creating an utterly personalised experience and end-product for you to cherish throughout the years.

What to expect

Usually you’ll be given the chance to discuss your vision for the shoot with the professional photographer and your pet over coffee or tea after a casual walk. The aim of this is to enable ideas and inspiration to flow so that you achieve the best possible result.

Once you feel comfortable and your dog is happy around the camera, the photoshoot begins.

At the end of the shoot, you’ll sit down and review the images, to find the special shots which capture you both best!

These will also be sent to you to view online and you’ll then be able to choose three images that you would like to have retouched.

All areas of London are covered with the option to have “Phodography” travel to your location if travel costs are covered outside of London.

Once you’ve scheduled the date and place of your shoot you’ll be able to plan your outfits, potentially incorporating some luxury pet accessories to make sure your pets are looking their best.

The duration of these photoshoots could take up to 60 minutes.

One of the clients of Phodography said: “Best present I’ve ever had. Can’t think of a more personal gift or a more favourite photo I have in my house. If you have a dog, this is a must experience!” – Arsénio & Boris – Kensington (London, UK).

To book your shoot visit Phodography.com

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