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These Smartphone Accessories Will Make Sure Your Dog Looks at the Camera Every Time

Our dogs are just too cute. So it’s no surprise that we are constantly reaching for our phones to take pictures of them.

But they tend to get very easily distracted and before you know it, the moment is gone. And taking a selfie with them? Forget about it. They get excited, wriggle about and never look at the camera.

Every dog owner knows how difficult it can be to get their pooch to pose for a selfie. That’s why these genius smartphone attachments are such a great idea. They pretty much guarantee that taking selfies with your furry friend will never be frustrating again…

The Woofie

dog selfie attachments

Model Citizen Pet

The Woofie is a simple plastic clip that holds a treat so your dog will look at it and appear to be looking at the phone’s camera. Why did no-one think of this sooner?

It will put the fun back in dog selfie time and is also effective for taking straight up old-fashioned front facing photos too. The Woofie is available in grey, green and pink.

Amazon, £7.24

Pooch Selfie

Model Citizen Pet

Pooch Selfie takes a slightly different approach, using a tennis ball instead of an edible treat to get your canine to concentrate.

The makers suggest that after a few photos that you actually throw the ball and play some games, helping to teach your dog that posing for photos is fun and worthwhile.

Amazon, £7.62

Pooch Selfie

Stack Social

Stack Social

Lastly, you could try this adjustable dog selfie camera attachment from Stack Social. It’s flexible arm and the ability to add or remove neck joints makes it easier to get that Instagram-worthy shot.

The adjustable neck will allow you to get the treat closer to your pet while you take the photo for those ultra cute close ups. Just be a careful you don’t get too close and get slobber all over your expensive smartphone!

Pets Emporium, £19.98

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