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Dog Socks Are the Ultimate Canine Accessory

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Bad weather may be an unwelcome feature of the UK but that doesn’t mean your pooch has to feel the chill. Dog socks are officially the ultimate way to take care of your canine friend, and they’re not just for when the weather turns.

Much like the invention of dog leggings, these accessories might look a little strange, but rest assured they do actually perform a necessary pet care function…

Rubber Coated Socks


If your home happens to be covered in hardwood or tiled floors, you can give your elderly dog a break from falling over by popping on non-slip socks.

These can be made from various materials, but are most commonly designed with soft rubber footing.

Added bonus is they can work well on salted walkways in the winter.

Try: Grippers Non-Slip Dog Socks, £17.94.

Healing Socks

Is your dog recovering from an injury or experiencing back or joint pain? Believe it or not, but dog socks can also aid in the recovery process.

Try: Trixie Dog Socks Back & Joint Pain Socks, £2.99. 

Paw Protection socks

Protect your dog from the elements on their morning walk. Dog socks not only keep wounds clean, but they also keep dog’s paws clean for grooming and provide protection from ice, snow and heat.

Try:  Power Paws Non Slip Dog Socks, £19.99

Boot lining socks

If you’re protecting your pooch’s feet by the use of dog boots, then dog socks can really add to the effectiveness and comfort during your dog’s walks.

They’re also quick drying and can help any boot slip onto the paw with added ease.

Try: Ruffwear Dog Boot Liners, £16.49


Of course, dog socks can also show off your canine’s personality – while keeping them warm!

These fun, multi coloured socks feature non skid bottoms for added safety.

Just remember, however, that not all dog socks are designed for health benefits; novelty socks are not intended to be worn for long periods of time.

Plus, you should always remember to remove or discard the item if it becomes torn or damaged.

Try: Wag-A-Tude Confetti Extra Small Dog Socks, £5. 

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