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A Dog Umbrella Leash Exists to Keep Very Important Pets Dry

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There’s nothing more demotivating then the sight of rain when walking the dog but one manufacturer has devised a clever solution to wet dogs in the shape of a dog umbrella leash.

Now, when it pours down, you can protect your pet (and most likely your home) from the elements.

It works by having an umbrella attached to the lower part of the leash itself.

It definitely will raise a smile on rainy mornings but, if you’re imagining feeling a bit silly down the park, its simple, transparent design is actually more stylish than you think.

dog umbrella



In fact, you might even wonder why you’ve never thought of owning one until now.

Of course, one of the most challenging aspects of being a dog owner is the wet dog issue, whereby your beloved pooch drags in the outdoors and smells damp to boot.

Plus, much like humans, not every dog appreciates a soaking in the rain.

dog umbrella


This dog umbrella might just be the solution to all of your dog-weather related issues by preventing the rain from getting to your canine’s coat in the first place.

Unfortunately, the product is designed for small breed dogs so dog owners with larger animals may have to look elsewhere.

However, if your pup is less than 12 lbs 20″ length such as  a Yorkie, Teddy, Pomeranian or Poodle then you might have just found your next best friend in dog accessories.

Simply install the stopper, tighten the shaft and open the umbrella and you’re ready for a walk whatever the weather.

There’s always matching dog socks or even dog leggings if you really want to complete the waterproof look!

Dog Umbrella Leash is available via Amazon for £23.76. 

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