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A Bride Has Bought Her Dog a Matching Wedding Dress

© Etsy / CocoandBushkaCouture

We all want our pets to feel part of the family but would go as far as to create your dog a matching wedding dress for your big day?

Well, that’s one bride based in New York has done for her pit bull terrier called Bailey.

Having adopted the pup when he was 5 months old, doting dog mum Jennifer Hindieh immediately thought to include her canine friend once she got engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years, wanting the beloved pooch to be as involved as possible.

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Jennifer Hindieh via The Dodo

According to The Dodo, the couple knew they wanted Bailey to be a part of their wedding as he’s an ‘incredibly goofy pup, who would love meeting everyone there and would probably end up being the life of the party.’

The bride then thought she’d like Bailey to help walk her down the aisle leading to the realisation the special pup might just need something to wear!

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Jennifer Hindieh via The Dodo

Which is when the matching wedding dress was devised…

Jennifer Hindieh via The Dodo

Designed by Etsy seller, CocoAndBushkaCouture the special frock is made for soft satin with a handmade appliqué of white embroidered thread and sequins and slips on similar to a dog hoodie.

The seller also creates wedding dog tuxedos, as well as other decorative dog gowns that could make for an entire dog wedding in itself.

Etsy / CocoAndBushkaCouture

As for Jennifer, The Dodo reports that she and her fiancé will be getting married in September and are even having a mini dog-safe cake made too — so they don’t expect her dress to stay clean for very long!

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