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Dog Yoga Should Be Your Next Fitness Goal

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We all know that walking the dog comes with helpful health benefits. Getting clean air as you burn calories is the perfect way to exercise; added bonus when you don’t realise you’re doing so.

If you fancy taking that concept a step further, however, then dog yoga might just be for you.

Called ‘Doga’ (of course!) it’s exactly as it sounds: practicing yoga with your pet dog, plus it comes with multiple benefits for both.

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Through a combination of dog training, human yoga, massage, meditation, and stretching, dog yoga isn’t just a fitness gimmick.

Not only might it strengthen your inner core, but it can also create a closer attachment to your dog.

Then there’s the health benefits for your dog: Doga can be helpful to injured dogs and it also provides good exercise for obese or elderly pooches.

How does it work? Essentially,  by using your dog  as an object or the dog as a partner to form one whole union.

The owners can help their dogs facilitate different poses or their pet as props or instruments.

Don’t go bending over your canine pal at home, however. Unsupervised Doga can actually impact the welfare of the dogs, so always look for a trained professional.

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