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This Fishing Game For Cats is the Virtual Play Date You Never Knew You Needed

© Pixabay

We all know our feline friends love to fish but why not take it into the 21st century with this virtual fish game for cats?

Called ‘Go-Cat Cat Fishing’, the app is specifically designed for cats who love to play.

All you need is a tablet and a download of the app and you’ll be able to entertain your moggie for an hour or two.The app is essentially a replica of a real life lake but in virtual form.

Multi-coloured fish swim around the screen and it’s your cat’s mission to go for catch of the day and score points.

The game has three levels and you might need to start the app by tapping the start button but, once you’re good to go, rest assured your feline might just be transfixed!

You could even introduce a treat or two to make the game just a bit more tempting for your feline friend.

It might take a little while for your cat to get the hang off the game but once they do you’re in for the perfect play date.

The game starts simply but for moggies who’ve got easy mode down, you’ll be happy to know that the more your cat catches, the more challenging the game gets.

To get your paws on the game, simply head over to the Google App Store and install for free.

Or, if you’re a user of Apple products instead, simply visit the iTunes store now.

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