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Give Your Fish Pond A Fresh Look With These Fab Amphibious Additions

fish pond accessories

Making sure your fish pond is feeling good, looking fresh and a safe place for your fish to live in can often be difficult, there are, however, products available that not only simplify owner lives but also offer a comfortable habitat for your fish.

Like pond owners, fish also deserve a home they can be proud of and safe in. It is important to consider a number of features from size, contents, purpose and design when it comes to fish ponds.

These pond accessories will be perfect for fish pond lovers looking to add something a new, and also make life easier when it comes time to maintaining your outdoor underwater sanctuary.

Floating Fish Sphere

fish pond accessories

Not content with just viewing the world under water, your fish will love being able to rise above the water and see the world in a new way within this fab sphere.

£99.95, Ebay

Affinity Octagon Mocha Weave Pool

fish pond accessories

When the size of your garden prevents you from digging an actual pond, this pool – which features windows – is perfect for those who want to add a bit of outdoor aquatic life to their garden.

£360, Keen Gardener

Garden Pool

fish pond accessories

If you have the garden space to add a pond but are looking for something slightly different, this hexagonal pond could be the answer.

This pool offers a simpler assembly, no digging deep holes and fitting pond lining, and is a safer option than installing a regular pond – especially if you have young children or animals.

£139.95, Garden Oasis

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

fish pond accessories

Ponds can be messy business, therefore require constant cleaning and maitanice.

This pond vaccum can clean pond sludge, algae, dead vegetation and any other debrie with ease.

£99.99, Pondkeeper

Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

fish pond accessories

If you are regularly away from home or on holiday it is hard to find helpful friends or family members to come round and feed your fish while you are away.

This automatic feeder ensures your fish will be well fed while you are away.

£62.99, Swell UK

Drain and Pond Cleaning Gloves

fish pond accessories

Ponds can often be very messy, these gloves will make sure your hands and clothes are well protected when you are cleaning out or maintaining your pond.

£10.89, Amazon

Pond Heron

fish pond accessories

Living in a pond can be hard for fish, espeically if there are preditors lurking about.

Make sure your pond is well protected by installing a Heron, which will deter any prey that might be thinking of attacking your fish.

£8.49, Aquatix-2u

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