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This Noise Cancelling Kennel Will Give Your Pet A Peace of Mind

© Ford

“Many animals find fireworks scary – and compared to people, dogs can hear things that are four times further away, and across a much wider range of frequencies,” according to Graeme Hall, a UK dog trainer known as the Dogfather.

Through viral videos we’ve been able to see the horror that many dogs face due to loud noises such as fireworks.

Ford Europe has a solution to ease one of the most common sources of fear and anxiety in dogs with this noise cancelling kennel.

The kennel, which is still a prototype,  combines high-density cork cladding for soundproofing with the active noise-cancelling that comes via speakers. Inside it, fireworks noise is reduced to a level that won’t disturb a canine’s keen hearing.

“We wondered how the technologies we use in our cars could help people in other situations” said Ford of Europe brand content manager Lyn West. “Making sure dogs and their owners could enjoy a stress-free New Year’s Eve seemed like the perfect application for our Active Noise Control system”.


This technology is currently used in Ford’s Edge SUV to hide engine noise. When microphones within the car pick up high levels of noise from the engine or transmissions, the system sends out an opposing signal via the car’s audio system.

The sound waves consequently, cancel each other out, leaving the passengers in relative silence. Bose has a similar system based on its noise-cancelling headphones that also targets road noise.

Another big car company being conscious towards your pets’ well-being is Tesla with their introduction to Dog Mode. This setting in cars keeps the air conditioning on while it also lets passersby know that the owner of the dog is away and will be back soon via the car’s enter screen.

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