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A Company is Now Selling Game of Thrones Pet Beds

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There’s nothing quite like a unique pet bed to make a true statement in your home, but one company has well and truly gone beyond pet palaces to bring everybody’s favourite screen symbol to life.

Game of Thrones fans can now buy their pet pal a throne based on the hit series and it’s just as brilliant as it sounds.

Make your cat or dog feel completely regal when they sit upon its surprisingly cosy base.

You might be relieved to know these genius pet beds aren’t made of a thousand blades, but foam rubber and soft textiles.

Decorated with decorative swords and painted in silver colour with silver ribbons, it fortunately doesn’t look quite as intimidating as the real thing.

Plus, it comes with added features to help your pet settle in.

There’s a soft pillow filled with air material – sintepon – that kittens like to massage.

It even has handrails where pets can lie inside and hide to fully experience the cosiness inside.

Made For Pets

The pet beds are indicated to allow room for two but, when they’re this brilliant, who could blame your pooch for hogging the whole thing?

If you fancy getting your paws on them, they don’t come cheap at £218, plus £18.44 shipping, but Game of Thrones fans x pets lovers might just need these in their life.

Game of Thrones Pet Beds are available now from Made for Pets for £218.07.

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