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Your Pets Can Now Enjoy a Cold One Thanks To This New Drinks Range

Ever noticed your furry friends jealously gazing at you when you open a cold brew on a hot day? Well they’ll now be able to enjoy a drink of their own thanks to this unique range of pet friendly beers.

Good Boy Dog Beer have created a range of non-alcoholic doggy beers to help your pooches feel like they are enjoying a brew alongside you, and they even contain vitamins that’ll help if your pets have any stomach problems too.

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good boy dog beer

Good Boy Dog Beer

Created to guarantee your dogs never feel left out again when you are relaxing with an ice cold brew in the garden or on the sofa after a long day, the Good Boy Dog Beer is the perfect treat for your envious pooches.

The unique beer was created by Good Boy Dog Beer after developing treats for pets sensitive to certain foods, and who also had allergies to standard pet treats.

After perfecting the process the small American company began to manufacture a complete line of pooch friendly beers.

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good boy dog beer

Good Boy Dog Beer

There are four different beer flavours to choose from, all coming with filtered H20 to give them that beer-like fizz, and names that sound super mouthwatering for pooches everywhere.

The collection includes; the IPA Lot in The Yard, which features bone in pork butt, turmeric, basil, mint, fennel, ginger and celery. The Mailman Malt Licker includes orange, carrot, cilantro, chicken and basil.

The Session Squirrel with apple, green beans, sweet potato, ginger and mint, and the aptly named Crotch Sniffin’ ale, which includes unsalted peanuts, almonds, whole grain oats and cinnamon.

The cans come individually at £5 or in packs of four for £18. There is also a sampler pack featuring all four beer flavours for £18 and a Good Boy gift basket for £40, which comes with all four beers plus an assortment of treats and toys. All orders come with a delivery charge.

To buy visit Good Boy Beer online.

For more information on the Good Boy Dog Beers visit Good Boy Dog Beer online.

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