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H&M Is Selling the Chicest Collection of Hawaiian Shirts for Your Dog

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Feeling the summer vibes? This season you can also get your pet in on the action thanks to these glorious H&M Hawaiian shirts for dogs.

Available in a variety of different colours and patterns, these are just about as funky as you’d expect.

There’s both a matching pastel themed floral and palm tree combination just perfect for a dynamic duo in your life.

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Each one is designed to comfortably fit a small dog with a patterned cotton weave with a sheen collar, so unfortunately your retriever won’t be rocking the look quite yet.

However, if you’re dotty for Dachshunds or equally tiny dogs, you may have just found your favourite photo opportunity.

“Absolutely amazing, have the best picture of my puppy in it!” wrote one impressed shopper, while others pointed out the comfortable stretchy fabric.

These garments contain openings for the front legs and a hole for the lead at the back of the neck.

While, comfort-wise, there’s an opening underneath with a smart hook and loop fastening that does not attach to fur.

Of course, always make sure your dog is comfortable with any garment you decide to put him/her on in in the first instance and remove at any signs of discomfort.

Because happy pups are the best pups.

Patterned Hawaiian Dog Shirts are available at H&M now for £9.99 each.

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