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These Pet Accessories Are Perfect for Hedgehog Parents

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Hedgehogs can make ideal pets for those who are out the house during the day and are willing to look after a small creature during the evening times.

The reason is that these small creatures are nocturnal hence why they sleep for the majority of the day and then wake up as soon as the sun is down.

In honour of Hedgehog Awareness Week here are some accessories that cater to hedgehog well-being if you’re considering adopting one as a pet.

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Hedgehog Homes

These cube homes are designed with double lined fleece and foam to keep shape and warmth. They are seamless and feature pouch inside for hedgies to snuggle down in it.

They even have ears which make them look as adorable as their tenants.

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Polar Fleece Mat

This fleece sleeping mat fits inside your hedgehog’s bed and small dome house. It can also be used on its own as a stand alone sleeping mat offering comfort and warmth.

Natural Brush

A soft natural bristle brush which helps you to comfortably spread the soap or oil reaching in between your hedgies spikes during bath time.

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Rambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food is a complementary snack to your hedgehogs diet as it contains vitamins and minerals useful for its health.

Whether you’re already a hedgehog parent or considering of adopting one these will make sure that your little hedgies have a comfortable and healthy life.

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