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The New Holistic Pet Products to Add to Your Radar

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If you haven’t yet heard of holistic pet products then it’s safe to say that could be about to change.

It’s one of the top pet trends around at the moment with brand new all-natural products popping up on a frequent basis.

Holistic – meaning a focus on the natural and ethical – can be particularly applied to  pet nutrition but also can apply to anything from herbal remedies to treats.

Being health conscious is no longer purely a human phenomenon, meet the new products that’ll be making waves in 2019 and beyond…

CBD Pet Treats


For aging pets, pets in pain and pets with behavioural conditions, some pet owners are turning to CBD-infused products.

This range developed by Medterra Pets aims to address inflammation and anxiousness via Pet Chews with glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support and CBD tinctures in beef or chicken flavourings.

Gut Friendly pet food


If your pet has a sensitive stomach, then help is at hand with Scrumbles‘ range of hypoallergenic pet food. The idea is to give the best pet food possible to help them live longer, healthier lives.

Boomer-Friendly hemp oil products

Boomer Natural Wellness

Made in the USA, Boomer Natural Wellness offers a wide variety of  hemp-infused natural supplements and treats that are specifically geared toward pain relief, anxiety and sleep. Others deal with general wellness, skin, and body.

Probiotic-Packed Dog YOGURTS

Boss Dog

You’ve likely heard of enjoying frozen yogurt in place of other calorific treats, now meet the dog equivalent. Boss Dog make frozen yogurt treats for canines that come packed with more than three million prebiotics.

The range includes flavours such as Peanut Butter & Banana and Bacon with Real Cheddar.

Gourmet Freeze-dried raw range


Each box of the freeze-dried Nulo dog food includes GanedenBC³⁰ probiotics that’s said to provide all the nutrients needed for pets to have a balanced diet at any age.

In addition to its freeze-dried raw food offerings, the brand also offer health-focused dog treats and wholesome recipes for cats.

Cod Skin Treatments


Cod liver oil is a familiar sight in any human health retailer store but you can also buy similar treats for your pet.

Best Paw Nutrition offer dog and cat treats made from 100% Icelandic cod. Each treat provides pets with a rich source of proteins and omega fatty acids packaged in a BPA-free, 240-gram jar.

Holistic Pet Wearables


If it’s not a cat treadmill getting pets in shape, there’s also pet trackers which allow pet owners to keep a close eye on their friend’s health.

The device works by attaching onto your pet’s collar and works by tracking activity, location and more.  The accompanying app then provide owners with access to helpful data, including advice on how much activity your pet should get.

Probiotic Powders


“Formulated to maintain your dog’s overall health”, NomNomNow specialise in maintaining healthy gut digestion.

NomNomWow’s probiotic support help pets with digestion while boosting their immune system at the same time.

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