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Nothing Says A Meowy Merry Christmas Like These Holiday-Themed Pet Beds

hollypet christmas bed
© Hollypet

Christmas is the time of year for gift giving, eating, drinking and celebrating family and friends, and to make sure your pets are also feeling the festive love this heated bed could be the perfect furry festive gift idea.

The Hollypet pet bed has been designed to look like a plush Christmas tree, complete with colourful lights and cute star topper, that’ll make sure your pets aren’t left out when everyone is enjoying the Christmas season.

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hollypet christmas bed


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Made using the cosiest and comfiest velvet materials pets love to nestle up on, the Hollypet bed offers a welcoming enclosed space for your pets feel to warm and safe in throughout the winter.

If that festive cuteness wasn’t enough, the bed doubles up as a comfy self-warming heater. After five minutes of your pet lying inside, the bed will begin to heat up and offer unfiltered comfort you’ll struggle to get your furry friends out of it.

No batteries or electronic connections are needed to heat the bed, it uses all natural self-heating materials, so there’s no danger of pets overheating or getting injured.

The Hollypet Christmas bed is priced at £15, and is available to buy from Amazon online.

For more information on the Hollypet Christmas bed visit Hollypet online.

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