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You Can Now Buy a Bunk Bed For You and Your Dog

© Thomas Welch / Unsplash

If you fancy bunking up with your canine friend then a company in Ireland could build you your very own bed for you and your pet.

Recent trends are showing we just can’t bear to be apart from our pooches with a rise in doggy dates and pet friendly hotels emerging.

If a pet ramp or dog stairs aren’t enough to satisfy your closeness, then this bed comprises of a top level for you, and a pet house for your dog on the bottom.

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You can buy it as a full size single, double or king size bed and it comes with a white headboard that matches the bed frame and pet house.

There’s even little doors that welcome your pooch pal in and out of their special home.

Interested? To find out more information or to order one yourself, you can make an enquiry via the Anderson’s Themes and Dream website.

Delivery is available to the UK and Ireland, with prices starting from €808.68 depending on the size.

The bed specialists also happen to make bespoke beds for kids too so you may end up up with a design for all the family!

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